‘Heading South’ is the heartfelt alt-acoustic single from Sarah Connolly

There’s an impenetrable efficacy to heartfelt acoustic music, especially if it strays from the norm as we hear from the delightful Sarah Connolly. Her alternative, sugary-sweet vocal approaches the honest lyrics of ‘Heading South’ with a nervous care that makes this song instantly endearing. This style is by no means accidental either, as we learn from the North-East England musician, “It’s about cutting a love story short because of fears of commitment and an  unfinished story with someone else.”

The surrealist artwork references the underwater theme of ‘Heading South’, reflecting the often overwhelming power of early love and the struggle to keep your head above that metaphorical water. This is a really gorgeous offering from Sarah Connolly, who recently signed to independent label Pillar Artists.

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