Enter Lukewarmdaily96’s lofi world in his Cluck EP

Lukewarmdaily96‘s new EP is unconventional to say the least. As he admits, “I could round those edges off but then it wouldn’t be me,” but because this five-track collection is a reflection of the musician’s multi-faceted personality, he decided to keep all those glitches and rough patches alongside the dreamy melodies and airy recording as a whole piece.

The Cluck EP arrived shortly after the Irish artist’s debut single ‘Peaching’, a warm acoustic number reminiscent of songwriting legend Elliott Smith’s ‘Behind The Bars’. This moment of vulnerability has welcomed listeners straight into Lukewarmdaily96‘s inner world, one that has now expanded.

Title track ‘Cluck’ is one of those tracks that teeters on the edge of careful planning and improvised instinct. His wistful voice is still the key element while the grungier aspect reminds us of modern contemporary Pinegrove with a generous dose of Alex G. It’s bursting with emotion.

Be sure to check out the full EP below, you won’t regret it.

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