Cyan Tempest explores love & loss on ‘Moonlight’

Newcomer producer and multi-instrumentalist Cyan Tempest strikes back with an irresistibly ear-catching second single, ‘Moonlight‘, the follow up to his solo, production debut, ‘Elevate’.

Although still relatively new to the game as a solo act, Cyan Tempest’s musical exploits span decades, from first picking up a guitar at age 9 to then teaching himself several instruments before joining the band Salt River Shakedown as their lead guitarist and producer!

Hoping to maintain the same fire in his belly, Aleksander McMillan turned to ‘Cyan Tempest‘, his musical alter ego and the vessel through which his weird and wonderful sonic concoctions come to be. Creative, daring and out-of-the-box, Tempest’s plethora of talents allow him to really thrive in the studio; from songwriting to recording all his instruments to production, mixing and  mastering, Cyan Tempest does it all with ease.

Moonlight‘ sees Tempest push the boat out even further, offering a full-bodied band feel, alongside nostalgic disco flavours and funk-fuelled beats. A smooth and sweet blend of genres and styles, this track really shows off Tempest’s ear for a seamless blend and an audacious mix.

Speaking on the meaning behind te track, Cyan Tempest explains:

“Moonlight could be interpreted in many ways but in
its simplest form it’s a song about love and loss. It’s written from the perspective of a
character that is missing someone special that used to be in their life, and is now doing
everything they can to regain that relationship back.

During the writing process this song went through many changes.
The initial spark was the drum beat in the verse coupled with the bass line that ended up
settling in the post chorus. For the chorus itself, I began layering up harmonies and octaves of my own voice and pitch shifting them to create really deep backing vocals. Overall, I wanted this song to feel like a journey. No 2 sections are the same, changing and evolving with different rhythmical and synth parts added as the song reaches the crescendo of the final chorus.”

Listen to Moonlight by Cyan Tempest


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