‘Who’s That?’ the new swagger fuelled tune from COLL

Norwich’s own multi-hyphenated talent, COLL is making a bold return with his latest swagger-filled rap single, ‘Who’s That’, providing fans a welcomed new perspective to the otherwise humble, hometown rapper. 

Made in collaboration with Russian producer Blanq Beatz, ‘Who’s That’ sees COLL let loose on the track, administering quick-witted lyrics and a ridiculously catchy chorus littered with punchy rhyme schemes and tongue-in-cheek lyricism. A cool new addition to the discography, ‘Who’s That’ showcases COLL’s versatility and layered personality whilst remaining true to him as an artist and individual. 

COLL continues to keep our attention firmly fixed as he leads up to the release of his third upcoming mixtape, Blue Magic 3

Speaking on the new single, COLL shares: 

“When I made Who’s that I wanted to make sure you could feel the energy that I had in the studio. It’s about not caring about people’s opinions of you and owning who you are to the max because life’s too short. Express yourself. It’s produced by Blanq Beats who’s from Russia and I think it turned out well for our first time collaborating.” – COLL


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