‘Bandana’ is the life-affirming indie-pop single from L.A’s LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING

‘Bandana’ was inspired by a small thing like a piece of clothing in a sea of pivotal life events, which is a fitting story from a band that was formed in high school. What might seem like an inconsequential chapter in your journey, school has a limitless impact, especially if you’re fortunate enough to find fellow musicians who share enough of your ambition and passion to start a band. Many try and a few succeed, so we’re placing our bets on Los Angeles’ friend four-piece LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING.

The tryptic of words acts as a descriptor of the images summoned by the band’s lively brand of indie-pop; we’re imagining driving through California’s endless streets, artificial lights casting their romantic glow.

‘Bandana’ for example was inspired by a Halloween party, as vocalist and guitarist Nathan Reyes recalls:

I remember making the song in my bedroom late one night after a party. I believe that it was a Halloween party. I remember it was a crazy fun night. My cousin and I were dressed up for the party, and I remember him wearing an odd bandana that night. It was the first time I had seen one in a while and I remember it leaving an impression on me. Around this time, it was a big transition period of my life. I wrote the lyrics in light of what was going on and how everything was happening so quickly. Sometimes it takes a couple of big events to help change someone and help them realize what really matters.”

Alongside Reyes, LOVE LIGHTS DRIVING is made up of Josh Kindla (guitar), Ernie Montaño (bass) and Diego Briones (drums). Each of whom come from a different and someways contrasting musical background, but have come together to make the unquestionably cohesive sound in ‘Bandana’.





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