Influence by UK garage & hip-hop, Cheesmore shares dynamic production ‘Your Room’

Reminiscent of indie-electro artists Golden Vessel and cln., this Dublin-based newcomer has made an incredibly heartwarming and joyous new single ‘Your Room’ and it’s been on repeat here at Unrecorded HQ all day. It’s a life-affirming mix samples and loops influenced by everything from UK garage to glitch-pop that reflects Cheesmore’s voracious appetite for sonic textures and dynamic production.

Throughout ‘Your Room’, the singer/producer’s mellow, baritone voice expresses a disbelief that he’s come so close to love and the fear it might not last.

“These songs are about that sensation of emotional deja vu and the taxing effect it has on oneself and the people that they love… [They’re} about the feeling of being in awe of someone you love but never quite understanding how they could feel the same about you.”

For more, be sure to check out this track’s b-side ‘Suffocating’ here.

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