‘Closer’ is the feelgood summer tune from Alana Sukul

Continuing our tour around Europe today – from Ireland to France to the UK – we’re excited to introduce Alana Sukul to your keen ears. In the same way that our other featured artists have taken inspiration from a menagerie of genres, so too does this London-based artist who combines pop, electronic, R&B and dancehall into her feelgood summer anthem ‘Closer’.

When we say feelgood, we really mean it here, as ‘Closer’ is all about embracing your self-worth, just as Sukul says, it’s about “Realising your self confidence and worth is a beautiful thing. Grasp it, you’ll want to pull it closer.”

Combine with previous song ‘Be Friends’, Alana Sukul‘s music represents a fresh start for the teenager who (like all of us) has spent the last year and a half in lockdown, contemplating life and working on her art.

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