‘Patterns/ To The Sea’ is a slice of chilled electronica from JK The Sage

French producer JK The Sage has just released his four-track EP, Belongs To The Earth, and from that we’d like to introduce you to his distinct style through ‘Patterns/ To The Sea’. His chilled production is accentuated by a sense of improvisation that keeps the listener on their toes, but you know, relaxed too. For the first half of this track (aka ‘Patterns’) there’s a feeling of rising and falling underpinning the complex web of drums, synth keys, warped vocal clips and orchestral samples. Then we head into the second half (aka ‘To The Sea’), which is an altogether more subdued affair, as though we’ve plunged between the waves into a blurry underwater world.

“The world, earth and nature is full of patterns. Whether that’s in the geometry of any natural elements, a flower, a tree or in our own thoughts, everything happens in cycles. The cycle of seasons, the patterns of the waves, the sun that goes up and down everyday, the full moon that happens once a month, it is truly fascinating. Patterns/To the sea is about the contemplation of our own lives, nature, earth and the universe. In this music I tell the story of what happens in my life when I started exploring the links between my own mind & the outside world.”

What JK The Sage has created here isn’t just a pleasant piece of electronica, but he’s painting the sounds into our mind’s eye. Check out the full EP here for a truly immersive listen, but even if you’re strapped for time, have a listen to the ethereal track below.

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