LOR delivers another smooth slice of melancholy alt-pop in ‘Sip’

Singer-songwriter and rising star LOR shows a deeper side to her psyche in her latest, melancholy alt-pop single, ‘Sip’. This flawless alt-pop track shimmers with dark-rooted lyricism and a slow and sullen instrumental that draws you into LOR’s rich, emotive crooning.

Simply composed but beautifully written, ‘Sip’ documents LOR’s time in a toxic relationship with someone who was suffering from alcohol abuse. Despite the stress and hardship caused by their addiction and the way it made them act, LOR lovingly stuck around, even to her own detriment, hoping to help them heal. Over a gentle ukulele melody and soft piano, LOR sings“This has got to end. Don’t you think we’ve done enough pretending, Looks like fun to break my heart, You look so good tearing me apart” with raw emotion clinging to every word.

“Sip is an emotional diary entry from a time where my head and heart felt ravaged. It’s about the sort of ‘crazy’ another person can swindle you into feeling – the madness starts to seep into your being. It becomes a sick, fun game you can’t stop playing.”

Listen to LOR – ‘Sip’


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