Ireland’s R&B savior Erica Cody drops pop-infused ‘Queen’

Ireland doesn’t have the greatest reputation for R&B, often being associated with pop groups and rock bands, but perhaps we simply haven’t been looking close enough. Erica Cody has been steadily releasing tracks under the radar since 2019, drawing notice from Spotify’s Fresh Finds UK & Ireland and A Breath Of Fresh Éire playlists, and now she’s gathering steam once again thanks to her new single ‘Queen’.

This track exudes unparalleled confidence that’s to the slick pop-stamped beat that’s bound to put any listener in a bad-self mood. Cody‘s golden vocal pours out a series of positive affirmations that make us feel truly royal while enjoying this smooth and soulful track.

It’s interesting then that this self-love champion wrote this song to her younger self, and thinking about this past-present relationship, Eric Cody shares: “Comparison is the thief of joy. Be you FOR you while unapologetically yourself. You control your own happiness, so make your happiness happen. Live your life for you, don’t pay attention to the bullshit, it’s a distraction. Your time is on the way, stay patient, persistent and authentic. Everything else will follow.”

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