Time and change were the muses for Amethysts’ ambient-pop single ‘Frore’

Things change with time, for better or worse, that’s a law of the universe. Nothing stays the same and this transitory ethos is something that stands at the core of Amethysts‘ newest release ‘Frore’.

On one hand, this emotive ambient-pop single is about a once healthy relationship turning cold, which wasn’t inspired by the duo’s own lives but that of a dear friends. As they tell us: “Frore was written from an outsider’s perspective after a friend of ours opened up to us about their relationship turning frosty over time and not knowing how to fix it. We wanted to capture that feeling of uncertainty and emotion within the lyrics.

And on the other hand, the song is a portrayal of how a song can evolve with time and experience: “we’ve been working on it for a while now. It was written during a jamming session with an arpeggiator loop and some intertwining guitar lines but since we’ve been playing it live we’ve developed it – We’ve changed the beat a few times, switched around a lot of the arrangement and built it into what it is now.”

This layered meaning gives such depth to this self-recorded and self-produced song that perhaps wouldn’t have existed if circumstances had been different. The result of it all is the intricately crafted track you can hear below, one the swells and grows with an ever-present force of emotion that comes through crystal-clear in the atmospheric guitars and soaring lead vocal.

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