Indulge in NINA’s optimistic synth-pop love song ‘Gold Heart’

Bringing some light to our weekend with her vibrant brand of electro-pop is NINA, the Berlin-based artist who recently released ‘Gold Heart’, a co-writing and production effort alongside Radio Wolf and Ricky Wilde.

The rich imagery of fight is accentuated by NINA‘s soaring vocals which float over a romantic synth-pop backdrop. It’s passion dipped in 80s-esque drum beats and reverberated guitars that could easily be the soundtrack for a climatic scene in a film. It’s that powerful but not overwhelming thanks to airy, ballad-style verses that add a welcome contrast to the intense chorus. “You’ve got a gold, gold heart” will be the bold lyric that will stay with you long afterwards.

With intelligent reference to King Midas (who, according to legend, could turn anything to gold with the touch of his hand) and optimistic additions of angels and paradise, there’s no mistake that this song is expressing anything other than pure love.

NINA further expands on the theme of love: “To me the song is about hope, bravery and believing in the good nature of others. When producing the track, I wanted it to feel like you’re being kissed by the sun after braving the darkest of days.

If ‘Gold Heart’ has found it’s way into your heart, then be sure to check out NINA and Radio Wolf‘s other collaborative song Carnival Night’.

While you’re here, check out our new playlists Shades of Pop and Electro Feels, both of which feature ‘Gold Heart’.

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