Presley Duyck addresses ‘Juliet’ in her timeless americana-pop style

Like so many of Shakespeare’s plays, Romeo & Juliet is one that we can’t help but turn towards again and again. Whether it’s the iconic Romeo + Juliet film or even zombie remake Warm Bodies, there’s just something about this tale of star-crossed lovers that continues to inspire creatives. The reason for this quick literature lesson is because singer-songwriter Presley Duyck has taken notes from this classic story for her very own retelling in new single ‘Juliet’.

Written directly to female protagonist Juliet, this song of forbidden love is drenched in autumnal vibes making it perfect for the season. We also have to mention Duyck‘s wonderful vocals, crystal clear and full of emotion, they sit atop a timeless mix of americana guitars and pop-leaning synths, creating a fully composed and cohesive listen. While we all know the mortal end that Juliet will face, Presley Duyck manages to capture that amorous hope in her rich, warm voice and the swaying acoustic melody.

Describing her style, the emerging Texan talent states that “My music has become this marriage of vintage acoustic and synthesizers. I want my music to sound just as timeless as it does modern.”

You can find ‘Juliet’ is our brand new Folk This Way playlist.

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