Time flies when you’re listening to Maejis Mind’s ‘Dizzy’

A swirling sweep of woozy guitars and frantic drums announces the arrival of ‘Dizzy’, the newest single from Maejis Mind, aka Los Angeles musician James Beasley. While the echoing, adrift vocals suggest a certain pensiveness, this track is actually a song for moving forward and not looking back. Paired with the “time flies” sentiment, the psychedelic instrumentation is full of urgency that culminates in a thrilling and face-scrunching blues riff.

Speaking to this patchwork quilt of styles, Beasley describes the song for us:

“Dizzy” certainly leans to a psychedelic-rock style, with heavy reverb on the vocals and driving guitars. The guitar tracks are mainly funk-rock inspired, though I incorporate blues licks at some parts. The bass is more purely funk-inspired, but the modulated synth sounds are definitely inspired by some of the synth sounds in Lonerism by Tame Impala.”

What it really comes down to is the age-old discussion of how quickly time passes. It’s a cliché, something that an older relative may forewarn of or it’s a realisation that’ll hit you like a gut punch. For the L.A. musician, it’s a dazed feeling recreated here through panning guitars and generous reverb.

Dizzy’ will also feature on Maejis Mind‘s upcoming self-titled EP, which was entirely recorded and produced in the musician’s bedroom while isolating due to the covid-19 pandemic. Expect themes of false confidence, frustration and withdrawal in the forthcoming record.

‘Dizzy’ has now joined our Outsiders Club playlist, so be sure to give it a follow.

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