Olec Mün & Sergi Boal capture the sun’s power in instrumental folk compostion ‘Sun Gaze’

There’s few better ways to ease yourself into the working week than with some beautifully arranged instrumental folk music and it just so happens that we have some for you today. From the combined talents of Argentinian composer/pianist Olec Mün and composer/guitarist Sergi Boal, ‘Sun Gaze’ is a blissfully meditative composition that takes inspiration directly from nature and from the unique beauty of sunrise and sunset in particular.

In some way or another, we’ve all experienced the increasing relevance and importance of nature over the past couple of years. With our theatres, venues, cinemas and clubs taken away, we’ve ventured outdoors for distraction and in search of happiness. For Mün and Boal, they took part in the practice of sun-gazing, which they explain below:

“The sun shines too bright to look at it directly. It is only at sunrise or sunset that we are able to observe it with our complete use of the sight. This practice is called Sungazing. It is simple, free and powerful. When we are able to observe the sun we receive energy from its source, like a blessing.”

Evidently inspired, the pair translate their experience into sparkling, subtly undulating piano notes and a rich, warm modern-Latin guitar melody. It’s an incredibly beautiful track and as the months turn colder in the Northern hemisphere, it’s one we’ll be returning to to remind ourselves of the enriching sunlight captured in ‘Sun Gaze’.

You can find ‘Sun Gaze’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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