‘Unashamed’ is the triumphant rock, pop and punk infused single from newcomer Amie Jay

Written from the perspective of a jilted lover, Amie Jay‘s ‘Unashamed’ is a triumphant rock, pop and punk infused track written for everyone who’s received the short-end of the stick in a breakup.

Not only tinged, but absolutely soaked, in sarcasm, Jay sings “I’m so glad that I’m so easy to replace, do you look at her at night and see my face? I see you’re writing the same posts for same days.” It’s all delivered with the happy knowledge that she actually dodged a bullet, because the person that she was previously romantically involved in is actually the shallow villain that they always attested that they weren’t.

Speaking about ‘Unashamed’, the Wimbledon-based artist tells us that she’s “driven by authenticity, vulnerability and relatability” and we can totally hear that in the raw, energetic pop-punk guitars and straight-forward vocals the conveys this songwriter’s need for total honesty in her music.

Amie Jay also explains that “I have recently teamed up with production duo Marble Empire to experiment more with meshing different genres, stepping away from my usual downtempo, acoustic inspired works – with AWESOME results!”

We agree that this change is all for the better and we’re just as obsessed with ‘Unashamed’ as you should be.

Check out ‘Unashamed’ in our brand new and ever-growing Shades of Pop playlist.

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