Stone Fruit soulfully serenade in new EP ‘Hold Me Close’

London based duo Stone Fruit have revealed their gorgeous, third EP ‘Hold Me Close’. Overflowing with soul, tinged with Jazz sensibilities and flecked with funk this project combines the perfect level of electronics with organic instrumentation.

Beautifully captivated by Valentini Pavlidous vocals and excellently produced by Lef Germenlis this pair are a match made in musical heaven. With 5 dynamic tracks, ‘Stand Up’ is uplifting, feel good and soothing to ‘Second Guess’ which is mystical, cinematic and ethereal.

The cherry on top of this well baked, delicately decorated cake is of course the addition of the cover of cult classic ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac and makes for a perfect end to this beautiful project.

Describing the release they explain,

“‘Hold me close’ is our third EP release. When we write songs, we are allowing ourselves to be guided by our current state of mind and the way that we are experiencing music, instead of worrying about the final result or sticking into a specific genre.

There is bottomless discovery, storytelling, and enjoyment to be found in exploring and combining new sounds and styles. This has become our mantra over the past releases and this EP is no different. 

Additionally, in this EP we wanted to record more organic sounds, where the human element is dominant, and we had the pleasure to collaborate with some amazing musicians that are featured in three of the songs. Owen Smalley, (Guitar) Alex Bramwell (Bass) and Argyris Thomoglou (Drums) have been a breath of fresh air and brought new life to what was born in our home studio.

Although all the songs live in a very similar space, they highlight different musings about what is happening around us. In a year haunted by the pandemic, our emotional state as human beings was changing rapidly from one day to the next. We had the privilege to integrate all our emotions and thoughts, whether they were melancholic or joyful in the lyrics, instrumentation, and trajectory of each song. We hope that the listeners can come on a journey with us, interpret the songs in their own way and give them new meaning.”

With musicianship that is truly second to none, Stone Fruit take you on a moving journey in ‘Hold Me Close‘.

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