Watch Icelandic indie-folk trio LÓN perform ‘Earthquake’

Both this band and their song came to be due to very different, although life-changing major events. It was during the height of lockdown in Iceland that three long-time friends Valdimar Guðmundsson, Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson and Ómar Guðjónsson came together in new outfit LÓN to explore shades of indie-folk and americana. Following on from first single ‘My Father’, the band have released ‘Earthquake’, originally named ‘If’, but it became so called after the trio experienced (yes, you guessed it) an earthquake.

The band explain exactly what happened that day:

“In the first recording session for this song Reykjavik got hit by an earthquake that shook the the studio quite intensely. It felt like the house had been hit by a truck so the first reaction was to run out and see if everything was alright. When the nerves had calmed we got back inside and kept on recording the song. Since then the working title has been Earthquake which we then decided to keep. Even tough the song is not about a physical earthquake it describes the feelings of new relationships and how falling for someone can shake our universe.”

By the largest lake in Iceland and in the fading light of the day, we witness the serene atmosphere of that cataclysmic event in which Aðalsteinsson and Guðjónsson tenderly play the guitars, their notes dancing around one another, and then well-known singer Guðmundsson comes in with his beautiful voice. These lyrical musings ponder our place on the earth, a message made all the more powerful by the beautiful setting surrounding the cabin.

Find ‘Earthquake’ at home in our Folk This Way playlist.

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