Nature-loving R&B artist Dyna Edyne shares freestyle inspired ‘The Dome’

Dyna Edyne‘s new single started out a freestyle piece when the Miami artist was reflecting on self love and affirming self worth. As the song became a more solid track, this intuitive creative titled it ‘The Dome’, a symbolic name about letting life flow through you naturally.

Springing from this idea, we hear the organic composition of ‘The Dome’ which seamlessly blends a hip-hop inspired backbeat, dreamy future-soul production and luxurious R&B melodies. It’s one of these elements in particular that Edyne is excited by, as she shares:

“What I like most about this song is the natural feeling of good vibes you get from the track. It has heavy hip-hop influence on it and stems from the freestyle culture that cultivated in early hip-hop.”

This track is the precursor to Edyne‘s soon-to-follow Mahogany EP, and staying true to her nickname of the Tree Woman, she will be planting a seed for every stream the EP songs gets on release day, so stream people stream!

Listen to ‘The Dome’ is our new R&B For Days playlist, so be sure to give that a follow.

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