Sam Handy’s groovy ‘Better’ is a welcome tonic to moments of anxiety

Continuing in our thread of lockdown-inspired tracks that have been hitting our inbox lately, we have a funky new offering from Reading artist Sam Handy. His delectable track ‘Better’ is flush with laid-back, crack-yo-kneck grooves and soulful harmonies laced with catchy melodies that will have you hooked from your first listen.

As Handy explains in the quote below, writing ‘Better’ was a way to combat anxiety and if this isn’t a tonic for those looming feelings, then we don’t know what is.

“During the covid lockdown last year, I was listening to a lot of Mac Miller. I was truly inspired by his song ‘Dang!’. I loved the whole relaxed vibe, and that bass riff just going round and round. It was honest and heartwarming. Revealing the importance of loved ones during rough and tough times. I felt anxious during lockdown, felt like I was wasting precious time, being left behind and needing someone to tell me “that’s not true”.”

Those hand-crafted hooks and positively incentivised lyrics will stay with you long after listening. Just as the artist intended, it’s just nice to hear someone tell you “you’re still getting better,” it’s a reassuring pat on the back, expect this pat also comes with a slapping bass, slick guitar and of course Handy‘s flawless vocal. It’s utterly uplifting.

Find ‘Better’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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