Queer songwriter Yannon bears her soul on album title-track ‘Cohesion’

Defined by Merriam-Webster, cohesion is “the act or state of sticking together tightly” and when you listen to Yannon‘s song of the same name, a certain sense of irony might strike you. This track, and by extension the entire album itself, is about searching for connection when you’re not sure where to even start, about writing unsaid words for someone who isn’t there, about walking on unsteady emotional ground.

As summarised by the St. Louis based artist herself:

“This is the title track to my debut album, my baby, Cohesion. I’m equal parts depressed songwriter, and queer music teacher. My whole life I’ve written music to feel less lonely, and this song explores my experience of love and uncertainty.”

Testament to Yannon‘s songwriting and performance skills, there’s an unwavering tenderness threaded throughout ‘Cohesion’, emphasised by the steady, patterned percussion and expressive piano composition. That being said, the shining light of this song for us is Yannon‘s folky-pop vocal which has such a beautiful cadence full of personality and deft control; you really do get a sense of exactly who this artist is. Even if you can’t relate to her story, you’re going to love listening to this.

Listen to ‘Cohesion’ in our new Folk This Way playlist and be sure to check out Yannon‘s full album here.

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