‘Don’t Think Twice’ is the optimistic indie rock-pop track from End of Proof

Norwegian musician Jon Nilsson, who performs under the moniker End Of Proof, has taken his inner-most thoughts and put them on full display in new indie-pop single ‘Don’t Think Twice’, The title itself refers to the wish to not let doubt and overthinking take over and imagining what would happen if you told that special someone how you felt.

Pondering the meaning behind his own song, Nilsson reflects:

“Have you ever been in a conversation without actually being in it? Just nodded along and made generic comments, while your mind is in a completely different place? This is a story about just that. It’s about seeing someone at a party, and making up a whole story in your head about them and you. If everything went perfectly, what would you do in this fantasy, what would you say? Or maybe rather what you would not say…”

Opening with a tentative guitar melody, the Oslo-based artist sings “I don’t want to talk anymore tonight”, before the pace amps up and we’re launched into his stream-of-consciousness. The jaunty chords and upbeat percussion implies a bright-eyed hopefulness evocative of End of Proof‘s youthful spirit. Structurally sound and hella catchy, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is a keeper.

Find ‘Don’t Think Twice’ in our ever-growing Indie Rockers playlist.

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