‘Ragdoll’ is the eerie folk-pop single from Kilkenny’s Elise

When we think of a rag doll in the musical sense, we’re immediately reminded of the iconic character Sally in Tim Burton’s timeless A Nightmare Before Christmas. Listening to Elise‘s new single ‘Ragdoll’, we find further similarities between the two characters who are the the mercy of another’s decisions although their strong personality is not dampened by these circumstances. The jaunty, off-kilter folk-pop of Elise‘s track possesses a similar eeriness, reflecting a sense of trepidation as well as the careful balancing act that one must perform throughout life.

Here, the Irish songwriter delves deeper into the meaning: “In life, we often come to a point where we have to make big decisions for ourselves. Sometimes we make the right choice and at times we continue on down the same old path, repeating self-defeating habits. Change can be scary, and perhaps it’s easier to ignore the fact that what we are doing is not in our best interest.”

For the chorus, Elise throws all of her cards on the table, singing “throw me around and bury me with your feelings in the ground” and you might very well assume that she’s talking to an ex-lover and friend, put the true core of ‘Ragdoll‘ is the relationship with one’s self. Often that can be warped, abusive and unkind, but by digging deeper we can start to mend.

Find ‘Ragdoll’ in our diverse Folk This Way playlist.

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