‘Trip’ is the rip-roaring track from Leeds rockers slowride

Relatively new Leeds band slowride rips it up on new single ‘Trip’, which is a bombastic alt-rock track about journeys of all kinds, whether that’s a real-life adventure, an inward search or mind-bending trip on psychedelics. It’s all about inclusivity and self-discovery.

A jolting synth melody from multi-instrumentalist Phil Jones and slapping percussion from drummer Tomas Oliver Moore gets the track going, before Ali Epstone’s hazy, light-touch vocals paint a vivid picture, “trip under the sun, chasing miracles and rainbows.” Yep, high as a kite. It’s a playful first verse that leads up to the epic chorus which pivots on a great pop-rock hook, backed up by layers of nebulous guitars and face-scrunching drums. It’s a real sing-a-long moment. Later on in the track, slowride move away from the pseudo-cutesy aesthetic in favour of ferocious, life-affirming rock riffs.

Produced by none other than Isaac Carpenter from iconic US band AWOLNATION, ‘Trip’ is a go-to track when you need a little lift. Ready, aim, fire and play the damn track!

Check out ‘Trip’ in our new Indie Rockers playlist.

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