‘A Changing Light’ is the electro folk message of hope from The Woods

For the music world, recovering from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic has been longer than for many other industries; music venues were some of the last spaces to reopen and even now gigs are only half filling up. With all of the financial strains being put on everyone right now, it’s understandable that buying music isn’t a top priority, but music has also been one of the things that have kept people sane, that have provided solace, that have given them room to express their emotions. Scottish musician The Woods doesn’t want us to forget those individuals behind the art that we all enjoy so much and so he’s dedicated new song ‘A Changing Light’ to them.

Driven by rhythmic claps which act as a musical version of applause, it’s such an uplifting song that doesn’t shy away from life’s difficulties. Johnny McFadzean gently sings truths like “we don’t understand our significance” evoking those moments of self-doubt that many creatives encounter, especially throughout times of lockdown when they’re most cut off from their craft. The delicate and immersive melodies of ‘A Changing Light’ are a reassuring embrace that lead us richly layered affirmations “take this light, hold on tight.”

Through ‘A Changing Light’, The Woods passes the symbolic torch – a message a hope – onto the listener who can pass it onto the next person and so on and so forth.

Sink into the mellifluous sounds of ‘A Changing Light’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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