Northern indie-rockers Cellos depict a sleepless reality in ‘Insomniac’

Northern indie-rockers Cellos stitch together some of the English language’s favourite idioms and adages to depict the all too familiar feeling of sleeplessness. It’s something that’s bound to plague the majority of people at some point in their lives, and for an unlucky few, that lack of rest might just well develop into full blown insomnia. The latter is the inspiration behind the Durham outfits’ new single ‘Insomniac’, a tightly formed slice of guitar-rock and northern determination.

Thundering in with a cymbal crash and guitar blast, Cellos instantly catch your attention with their melodious take on British rock. They take their time unfolding the song’s narrative, introducing us to their imagined main character who wrestles with the darker side of insomnia while a light-hearted paramour reminds him that these visions and tormented thoughts are all a trick of the mind. In between their steady verses, we return to the catchy chorus again and again, reflecting the unhealthy mental patterns that can occur with insomnia.

Just one day after World Mental Health Day, we’re putting ‘Insomniac’ forward as a reminder that this is a conversation we need to keep having all year round.

Listen to ‘Insomniac’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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