Promising scandi-pop trio Kone Mara drop sophomore single ‘Highway 1’

It was only earlier this year that Swedish trio Kone Mara released their debut single ‘The Ordinary Place’, which led to a wave on internet love as well as two sold out shows in Stockholm. That’s no easy feat for even the most seasoned of artists. With their newly acquired listeners eager for more, they’ve released delightful new track ‘Highway 1’.

We’re not over-egging it when we say that this tune is exemplary of the indie-pop genre. Wonderful hooks, sparkling synths, a rich bass line, warm acoustic strings, a swaying rhythm and a dreamy lead voice all come together in a succinctly splendid fashion. Kone Mara haven’t missed a beat here.

As for the meaning behind the music, we’ll let the band take it from here:

“Highway 1 is written to portray the journey through a mountainous inner landscape. The song was written in August to prolong the summer in our minds. It was originally named ‘Volcano’, a metaphor for the feeling of being abandoned, thrown in to a deep volcano. In the end we changed it since the metaphor seemed a bit too melancholic.”

With a perpetual motion moving the listener smoothly through the track, a sense of wanderlust swells up, especially wrapped up in the mystical lyrics like, “the sun, the scent of Highway 1.”

Adventure awaits and Kone Mara has your soundtrack ready.

Check out ‘Highway 1’ on our Shades of Pop playlist.

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