Joe & The Anchor release coming-of-age indie-pop anthem ‘California’

For fans of LANY and The 1975, we have a surefire treat for you today from Swedish band Joe & The Anchor. Made up of childhood friends from Malmö, namely Joakim Rosenlund, Robin Zhang, Viktor Edsjö, Ruben Sonesson, the now Stockholm-based project have become increasingly well known every since the release of their Blue EP earlier this year. With a loyal fandom at their back, Joe & The Anchor have returned with another signature slice of guitar-forward indie-pop.

New single ‘California’ revels in the intense and eye-opening experience of growing up, with the romanticised vision of the American state as the ultimate symbol for this time in life. The easy-breezy rhythm and laidback vocals conveys that ultimate youthful passivity that easily switches up for the impassioned chorus. A hedonistic mix of early 90s synths, americana melodies and indie songwriting pivots Joe & The Anchor at a metaphorical and audible crossroads that reflects the real life circumstances that inspired this honest single.

“We wrote California during a very turbulent time in Joe’s life, when it seemed like the whole world was turning upside down for our singer. The song comes from a realization that nothing lasts forever and how hard it can be to lose something or someone. The theme of California itself, and the lyric “California daydreaming” that kicks off the song, represents our dreams as a band – longing for a faraway place where the sun shines and we can forget our troubles. When we recorded California, it felt just like when we were writing music as teenagers in the bedroom, and that filterless, analog feel is something we think really shines through in the 90s-inspired sound. California showcases a more genuine and experimental side of us, and we’re very proud to release it to you all!”

As well as ‘California’, the band wrote and recorded a bunch of new songs slated for their upcoming album, Coming of Age.

Sail away with ‘California’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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