Get your headphones ready for Historian’s latest introspective release ‘Broken Cup’

Los Angeles local Chris Karman is the catalyst behind ethereal outfit Historian, who collectively make what they refer to as “headphone music”, meaning songs that are specifically designed for solo moments of introverted reflection. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel like the centre of your own story in a cinematic scene when the main character is walking down the street (probably in the rain, probably in winter) hands shoved into their pockets and head looking downwards in deep thought. At least, that’s the image that Historian‘s new single ‘Broken Cup’ summons for us.

Delicately laced alt-folk melodies, fractured electronic beats and a haunting cello section come together to portray a fragile state of mind. Yet, for all its melancholy, there’s a certain sense of joy in the admittance of flaws.

Recalling the time that he wrote this track, Karman says:

‘Broken Cup’, as the title vaguely suggests, was written at a pretty low point for me emotionally. It’s a lament about the frailty of being a human. The song ended up being the ultimate catharsis; it allowed me to exorcise a lot of the brokenness I was feeling.”

We expect this catharsis to overflow into Historian‘s forthcoming album, Out Of Season, set to arrive on November 5th.

Listen to ‘Broken Cup’ in our Electro Feels playlist.



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