Listen to LEAP’s intense alt-rock anthem ‘Energies’

One line sticks out to us from LEAP‘s latest single ‘Energies’, which is “What’s the point if you feel a little cautious? There’s no rules in mosh pit.” It absolutely typifies Jacky Balfour Scott’s alternative rock attitude, hinting towards his devil-may-care approach and questioning mind. This idea of teetering on the edge of catastrophe also reflects the musician’s complex relationship with his bi-polar disorder diagnosis, which he goes into below.

Energies is my favourite track to date because it truly reflects a real side of me and the mental health battles I have faced in the past. It’s all about that mad rush of excitement when your mind bubbles up beyond the point of control. Being bi-polar, it’s such a weird blessing and a curse, because when your brain’s going at 100 miles per hour it’s exhilarating… but it can also be really dangerous. The song is about that contradiction and I just hope that anyone suffering from any kind of mental health issue can connect with it.”

Evidently, LEAP has learned how to put all that internal push and pull into his music, using it to fuel the fire of his creativity. It’s intense and not for the mild-mannered and that’s exactly why we can’t get enough of this track.

Check out ‘Energies’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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