The Ceiling Stares’ ‘Mouthbreather’ is a alt-synth musing on mundanity

Opening with layers of jovial synths before inviting some steady drum effects, ‘Mouthbreather’ is a curious new single from solo project The Ceiling Stares. The track hardly veers off this purposeful repetition giving the impression of everyday mundanity, while the musician’s textured vocal presents the inner-voice counseling himself through the boredom.

Here the American songwriter provides some insight into the track:

“Mouthbreather acknowledges how we deal with insecurities and daily humdrum, but with a slapping beat and hook to get you to dance out of your doldrums. “It’s ok to not feel ok.” provides the permission for the listener to chill and enjoy as the song’s protagonist deals with existential malaise such as encountering Hollywood celebrities in candid moments.”

While monotonous in many ways, the track is undoubtedly one of experimental artistic expression reminiscent of heroes of the subtle Talking Heads or master of all things synth Kraftwerk. This careful construction will wrap you up in the hypnotic rhythms and before you know it, you’ll be hitting play again.

‘Mouthbreather’ is taken from the The Ceiling Stares‘ forthcoming album, Natural Flavours.

You can listen to ‘Mouthbreather’ is our Outsiders Club playlist.

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