Scott Helman bursts onto the screen for gorgeous ‘Pretty’ video

Our favourite Canadian pop artist Scott Helman is back again with new single ‘Pretty’. While it’s not quite as seasonal as the summer bop ‘Old Friends’, the video reflects the transitional aura of autumn. Soft amber lighting sets the intimate scene wherein Helman sits at a vanity desk, his face warped by the mirrors, while he rhythmically sings about feeling like an “ugly duck” over minimal electro-pop beats. At around the 2:26 minute mark, we get our first glimpse of the musician’s dazzling makeup before the full reveal of an array of flowing, androgynous outfits greets our eyes.

‘Pretty’ is essentially about pushing your boundaries, but also about how everyone is worthy of feeling good about themselves. That comes through in the upbeat repetition of “pretty, pretty, so pretty” as Helman exudes a new-found confidence. It’s totally infectious and makes us want to dance around in celebration of our own gorgeousness.

Listen to ‘Pretty’ in our vibrant Shades of Pop playlist.

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