Introducing Rediisin with ultra-lofi indie track ‘There’s Somewhere Else’

‘There’s Somewhere Else’ arrives as a reminder that when you’re feeling uncomfortable in a situation or place, you’re not the only one who has experience this. For musician Rediisin, that moment came clear as day when he was happily dancing away only to be told he didn’t fit in. Here, he recalls this incident:

“The song is about the feeling of not fitting in when in public. Specifically, this one moment where I was dancing by myself at a club and minding my own business, but told off because of the way I dance. It sparked “There’s Somewhere Else” because it really let me know that I didn’t belong there, but there was somewhere else I know I belong. The song uses “you” a lot referring to the dance floor haha.”

In the suitably lofi video for the single, Rediisin celebrates his unique style of dance, uninhibited by the comments of others but not shying away from the glare of us the viewer. The overall impression is one of joy, soundtracked by his liberated form of shoegazey storytelling.

Find ‘There’s Somewhere Else’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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