‘Golden Chains’ is Hazel Mei’s call to action against climate change

Hold onto your hats everyone and be prepared to be absolutely blown away by Hazel Mei‘s anthemic new single ‘Golden Chains’. The Brisbane artist draws a gloomy picture of the present and potential future if society continues to prioritize capital gain over the sustainability and heath of the planet. She directly warns “the word’s you’re looking for is disaster, / We’re running out of time,” over undeniably cinematic instrumentation.

Elaborating on the pertinent message, Mei explains:

Golden Chains is a call to action for anyone who will listen and also for myself. We can so easily fall into feeling powerless within these big issues. When I wrote the song I felt broken, paralysed by the endless stream of bad news but the consuming and creating music and art in relation to climate change helped me feel motivated to educate myself myself on better daily practices, participate in productive conversations with friends and family as well as attend protests, sign petitions and contact local MP’s to try to make change.”

We especially feel the Australian’s anger in defiant stance “I will not!” which is almost always surrounding by swirling post-rock guitars and grungey drums. It’s impactful but it’s also catchy, you’ll find yourself singing along to ‘Golden Chains’ without realising it.

Hazel Mei set about to create a call to action that people would want to listen to and remember, and we certainly think she has succeeded.

Before we leave you to dive into the single, here’s a final word from the artist:

“Whilst the song is a reflection of me in a very angry place, I want the release to bring about positive conversations about how we can all play our part in building a future we can be proud of.”

Find ‘Golden Chains’ in our Indie Rockers and Shades of Pop playlists.

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