Songwriter & rapper Kubota shares mental health journey via ‘In My Head’

With the litany of self-help books and self-improvement apps out there, it’s all too easy to feel the pressure that you need to be doing more to better yourself. Sometimes a little push in the right direction is a good thing, but too much and you might find yourself going over the edge. That was the experience of Californian creative Kubota who started to focus on his mental health in early 2020, but with further introspection came the unearthing of unexpected problems.

Speaking about his journey and also the song ‘In My Head’ that resulted from it, Kubota shares:

“I wrote this song because I was focused on bettering myself but with progress and continuous introspection, I found myself uncovering more problems faster than resolving them. I found myself, and still do today, falling into a cycle of an endless pursuit for self-progress.”

Drawing on inspiration from wooze-forward artists like Joji, Saba, Kota the Friend, Still Woozy and tobi lou, the Inglewood-based artist details the series of contradictions that occupy his mind over a raw guitar melody and hip-hop influenced backbeats. What starts off as blissful singing switches up to direct rap verse, not only a flex of Kubota‘s diverse talents, but also conveying the different phases of his own inner commentary. There’s a sense of breakthrough in the latter third of ‘In My Head’ when the restless lyrics give way to an intense, fiery guitar riff that leads the listener to a gradually fade out.

We know by Kubota‘s own admission that this story is unfinished and we hope to hear more from this promising indie songwriter.

You can also listen to ‘In My Head’ in our Outsiders Club and Hip, Hop & More playlists.

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