Cris Cap & Tyla Raé collaborate on amorous ‘Love Is Like A Rose’

This is the second cross-continental collaboration between German musician and songwriter Cris Cap and UK vocalist Tyla Raé and the result is a harmonious as ever. Exploring the shared soundscape of luscious R&B, the pair deliver ‘Love Is Like A Rose’.

Set against soulful melodies and an intimate Rhodes piano, it’s a sincere message set around the dual image of a rose, which signals the gentle sweetness of love through its petals and the reality of heartache through the thorns. Like the multi-talented Cap eludes to, “Some of the most beautiful things in your lives come with a lot of thorns. It takes work, humbleness, forgiveness and patience to see the rose blossom.”

Making the most out of singer Tyla Raé‘s honeyed tones, this song flips the traditionally clichéd symbol on the rose on its head: “Your love is like a rose – I can see the blossom unfold – take of the gloves and learn how to hold it.”

The song is accompanied by a sweet music video featuring various couples and a snapshot of their lives together.

You can also listen to ‘Love Is Like A Rose’ in our R&B For Days playlist.

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