Anya Marsland makes her debut in soulful splendour of ‘Soft Sounds’

Based in Brighton, one of the UK’s most abundant music hubs, we’ve got some new sultry sounds from fresh talent Anya Marsland and her debut single ‘Soft Sounds’. She calls on some of the greatest women performers Joni Mitchell, Amy Winehouse and Etta James as her influences, particularly their ability to tell their own narrative in their own way.

As we hear from Marsland:

“The music is a story. It adapts to the atmosphere and weaves from genre to genre, intertwined in stories that resonate with me. Inspiration is taken from my own experiences, imaginative scenarios, and I draw creativity from the soft sounds and melodies of the accompanying guitar.”

‘Soft Sounds’ itself has a wonderfully down-to-earth quality thanks to the open guitar and laidback percussion. It almost gives the impression of stumbling onto an open mic night only to walk away with a armful of merch from your new favourite artist. That being Anya Marsland of course, because her voice is one that you’ll be seeking out again. Richly toned and confident, this young artist vocal is imbued with a soulful wholesomeness which she uses to express themes of strength and vulnerability, melancholy and empowerment, introspection and poetic narrative.

You can also listen to ‘Soft Sounds’ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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