Greg Bounce asks ‘Can I Now Feel?’ in opalescent synth-pop groover

Greg Bounce‘s life philosophy, “Turning corners represents something unknown or unseen, but moving forwards towards them is the only way to go,” almost certainly reflects the journey he’s taken over the last two years; moving from London to Lisbon and parting ways with his former band Cocoa Futures in the process.

Relating to his ponderous nature, were first drawn in by the tantalizing rhetorical question that Bounce poses as the title of his brand new single, ‘Can I Now Feel?’ At first, the deeper meaning might escape you, but when the Lisbon-based Scottish artist explained that while writing the song, he “was thinking about the corners in our lives and how embracing the unknown – for good or bad – feels like an important part of a healthy life,” we can begin to understand.

Feeling isn’t just being happy or sad, it’s all of the emotions, and with the acknowledgement comes freedom. It’s a sense of liberation that strikes us most in Bounce‘s groove-laden synth-pop track. His featherlight voice hoovers over a dazzling array strutting guitars, lively drums and a legion of pearly synths.

Listen to ‘Can I Feel Now?’ in our Soul & Grooves and Shades of Pop playlists.

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