New York shoegazers Bad Bloom ruminate on life’s brevity in ‘Automatic’

Making their debut on Unrecorded today is New York duo Bad Bloom, the creative project of married couple Kate Rogers and Jay Trovato. Originating in 2019, the pair already have two EPs under their belt, Candle and Leave, both demonstrating their penchant for fiery shoegaze and mesmerizing indie-pop melodies. This aesthetic line has carried on through into their latest single ‘Automatic’, a relentless foray of fuzzed-out guitars, punchy drums and Roger’s expressive vocals.

There’s a deep sense of yearning wrapped up within this 90s-esque alt-rock anthem, something that the band help us to unravel a little here:

“It’s so easy to get stuck in habits and forget why we’re here on Earth… what our purpose is.’ This song captures how quickly life can pass and how we sometimes only live for the future, and not in the moment.”

The wall of sound that Bad Bloom has created in ‘Automatic’ simply doesn’t let up, reflecting the unpausing passage of time and speed of our lives, until we come to the inevitable end where a final burst of strings fades out into the quiet. We think there’s something quite beautiful in this finality.

With even more music planned for 2022, you know what you’ve gotta do – watch this space!

You can also listen to ‘Automatic’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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