Joe Fox & The Frantics shares steamy single ‘Haze’

This Friday, we’re grooving and moving along to the sounds of Los Angeles-via-Seattle artist Joe Fox & The Frantics via his new single ‘Haze’. Despite the song’s title, there’s nothing unclear about this track; Joe Fox persuasively sings about an enthralling attraction that has completely taken over his mind… and heart.

Traversing the lines between indie-rock and alt-dance, it’s a real fun bop that we could easily imagine playing in a favourite downtown bar, while you’re making eyes at some cutie across the room.

Sharing in that vibe, Joe shares: “I think a lot of people have experienced wanting to just lose themselves in a new person and a new relationship. Even if you know it isn’t going to last it can be really liberating to live in the moment and not think about the future.”

Where to find Joe Fox & The Frantics:




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