L.A’s Slouch Online captures internet era heartache in ‘Skelly’s’

This kind of hyperwave rap from Los Angeles newcomer Slouch Online might be a first for us here at Unrecorded, although those subtle bedroom-pop and electronica undertones are certainly more than familiar to us.

New single ‘Skelly’s’, released via Australian label Mammal Sounds, is a sleepwalking stroll through autotuned vox, antisocial sentiments, minimalistic beats and internet era experiences.

“This song like many others was created in my apartment studio. It started out with me playing a couple synth chords on the piano that caught my ear, and then I stumbled upon a drum loop that happened to fit perfectly. After that I pulled up a bass sound and fiddled around with the bass line until I landed on the one. At this point the beat had such a nice groove, so I just started writing with no real intention. I started humming a cool melody and just went from there. Looking back on it, you could say the song is about past mistakes involving relationships. As it progresses it’s more about growth and letting go.” 

Check out ‘Skelly’s’ from this progressive newcomer below.

Where to find Slouch Online:




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