Rush Midnight return with upbeat afterhours track ‘Last Call’

Los Angeles duo Rush Midnight are well known for their moody, late-night music, as heard in tracks ‘Feel Better’ and ‘Take The Long Way’, but that’s not all that Russell Manning and songwriting partner Rico Martinez have up their sonic sleeves. Wanting a change of pace, the pair have opted for a lighter touch on new single ‘Last Call’.

The upbeat retro synths, galloping rhtyhms and big 80s drums reflect the frenzied energy of the great American tradition of last orders at a bar, like the band put it, “people partying, hooking up, and just completely letting go in every way,” is the idea here.

Rush Midnight go on to say that, “We wanted to open a new chapter, let go and try something a little more fun, lighter and less moody than we normally do. Something that had a little more electronic pop flavor, which is something we wanted to try but never really had. We’re known for sort of a dreamy, sensual, bass driven, dark disco funk — so our stuff is already in that dance realm vibe but with “Last Call” we wanted to try and push into some poppier, electronic territory… completely for fun.”

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