Freshly signed to Fierce Panda, Enjoyable Listens’ release ‘A Laugh And A Half’

It never ceases to amaze us just how many bands and artists get there start busking. It’s where some of the best performers cut their teeth, trying to appeal to the nonchalant passersby for a few quid and much needed clout. It can make you or break you and thankfully for Enjoyable Listens, it was the former. Let’s take it back to 2018, Luke Duffett and Jimbo Savage were living in a derelict pub in Greenwich, both pursuing songwriting careers separately, but joining forces for busking to try and get some beer money together. With Luke wearing a skeleton suit and a bowler hat and Jimbo donning a long orange linen dress and 1970’s hustler daddy sunglasses, they quickly drew in crowds and by the end of that summer, the pair were an inseparable duo.

Over the past three years, Luke and Jimbo, collectively known as Enjoyable Listens have released five singles, an EP and delivered plenty of lively gigs. Most recently, they took the big step to sign to Fierce Panda Records and ‘A Laugh And A Half’ is their first single release with the label.

“A Laugh And A Half’is the most candid effort from Enjoyable Listens to date. A hypnotic baroque pop motif that dangles the keys to a 1967 Mercury Cougar in your face with one hand and shackles your leg to a lifetime supply of bitter pills to swallow with the other, this song was written as an advertisement for wearing your idiosyncrasies on your sleeve like a dirty badge of honour. It champions the mystic imagery of dream land and grounds you with the humility of family life in a sweet three minute inimitable package that will leave you hungry for answers you don’t want”

Where to find Enjoyable Listens:




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