Strange Weather is the diverse and unpredictable alt-folk EP from T. E. Yates

There’s a saying about the British Isles, they don’t have a climate, they have weather. From one moment to the next, the elements play an endless game in which these tired islanders are required to carry around a jumper, raincoat, umbrella, sunglasses and wooly gloves at all times. Inspired by this unusual and almost mystical aspect of nature, Bristol-based songwriter T. E. Yates has documented his journey throughout the year in new EP, Strange Weather.

Weaving effortlessly through a mosaic of americana, folk, ’60s pop, ’70s singer-songwriters, post-punk, rock and even jazz and ragtime, the artist always his style to undulate and flow as easily as his emotions. Honest and vulnerable, there’s no doubt that Yates’ has poured his creativity in these six tracks. Opening track ‘Condition’ is a upbeat, retro-folky and quirky track that details his experience as a neurodivergent person, for which he released a video earlier this year with fellow neurodivergent creative practitioners through Biggerhouse Films’ Different Voices project.

Next comes grungey ‘Fierce Horses’ which settles the listener down for a dynamic tale that’s backed by jaunty piano, galloping drums and a deep-yet-twangy bassline. From there, we’re led into a clearer pasture for ‘Palace Of Your Master’, a gently swaying and classic take on the singer-songwriter style; it’s tender and introspective.

Yates decides to wake us up with americana-forward fantastical story ‘Fairytale’ with a lovely female singing partner which sets us right in some Texas saloon with a lively band on stage, who pull you in with the colourful lyricism before jabbing you in the heart with the grim reality that love isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. The artist then completely switches up the soundscape for ‘Jack Of All Trades’, a groovey and moody party tune.

We finish the EP up on ‘Mystery Window’, a cheeky late-60s tune from which the record’s title takes its name. Snow in July sounds odd, but we think it could also be quite magical, just like this EP.

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