ICYMI: a message of self-love in Florian Ehrmann’s ‘Beautiful Woman’

We wanted to start off 2022 with a few reviews that didn’t quite make it before we crashed down into the holidays. First up, we have ‘Beautiful Woman’ by Florian Ehrmann.

This heartening song opens with a shuffling array of warm melodies and retro percussion that could be playing in the backdrop at a stylish cocktail party in the 1960s, and so we’re instantly won over by the whole vibe. However, Ehrmann continues to surprise throughout the song. We’re led into a soothing singer-songwriter verse in which the artist’s optimistic voice ruminates on the admiration he has for said beautiful woman, although her identity is kept a closed booked.

Considering that it’s been a decade since Ehrmann wrote down the first version of ‘Beautiful Woman’, perhaps even that figure of feminine charm has become a mystery even to himself.

“It’s been at least 10 years since I wrote the first lines for this song. It has changed over the years, has grown but has always remained true to itself. I am very happy when I look back and see this path and get stuck with the various events that have now flowed into the lyrics. Not only the words but also the music have grown with me and got new twists and turns and surprises. I want everyone who is listening to move their feet and realize that they are beautiful. And that message should be spread.”

We love this message of positivity and it’s one that we hope you can carry on into the new year, propelled by the layers of jazz, soul, funk and indie songwriting provided by the talented Florian Ehrmann.

Listen to ‘Beautiful Woman’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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