Soran reveals new Lo-fi, RnB sad bop ‘Tired’

As if writing for our feelings, Montreal based, Universal Music signee Soran has delivered his final 2021 single, the honestly and rather appropriately named ‘Tired’.

Following closely on from his previous single ‘Space Boy’, it’s clear to see Soran has stepped fully into his own unique artistry and with a New Year tipped for as much success as Soran, we can see why. A certain coming of age has arrived and Soran has claimed his space in the industry as we know it. After recently announcing his first, full Canadian tour, there is truly no stopping this young and exciting artist as he continues to show the music world, exactly what he is made of.

Expertly explained and declared into the cosmos from Soran himself, as he states ““My superpower is making music…I’m incorporating my artistic inspirations from R&B to Pop and my heritage with Japanese moods. Everything has really aligned, and the music is just Soran.”

Oozing all the finery and talent of several seasoned artists, Soran is up there on our One To Watch list for 2022 and he should most definitely be on yours to.


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