Indie-rock meets bedroom-pop in Kid Apollo’s frank rendition ‘Catching Buses’

It’s human nature to imprint our own experiences onto other’s stories, whether real or fiction. It helps us to relate and to divine unique meanings from the complex mosaic of the world around us. Rising singer, songwriter and musician Kid Apollo found himself going through this journey when writing his latest piece of rock-based indie-pop, ‘Catching Buses’.

As the Northern Irish artist recalls, this is “a song that was written about someone else that ended up being about myself.” Although super catchy, bright and upbeat, the lofi textures throughout the track give it an earthy and honest appeal that conveys the authenticity of Kid Apollo‘s shared thoughts. Following a punchy Franz Ferdinand-esque introduction, you’ll find yourself singing along to the key lyric, “you’re drinking, but drinking won’t stop problems”, a slice of sage advice that could only be written by someone over a certain age.

You really can’t help but be drawn into the marching rhythm, raw-yet-jovial guitar strings and that lovely melody that underpins the whole thing. It’s quite reminiscent of mid 00’s indie-rock, although with a contemporary bedroom-pop update. This isn’t a requirement, but I have a feeling millennials are going to dig ‘Catching Buses‘ big time, not that I’m biased or anything…

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