Californian indie-rockers Rose Avenue mark their return with ‘Age Old Drink’

The band origin story of a few kids finding common ground and passion for music while at school never gets old; it’s a foundation that some of the world’s greatest groups share, including Rose Avenue‘s inspirations The Wombats, The Strokes and Interpol. All bands that had their early beginnings while in formal education.

Rose Avenue‘s members Langdon Dearborn (guitar/vocal), Will Chant (guitar/vocal), Iman Behshid (bass) and Aram Behshid (drums) got together while studying music theory at high school in the sleepy Californian suburb of La Cañada. Sine then, they’ve built up a strong local following and are set to spread their bright indie-pop sound further with their newest single ‘Age Old Drink’. This song marks their renewed music industry effort after taking some downtime throughout the covid-19 pandemic, like we all did, and you can totally hear that burst of energy and enthusiasm throughout this track.

Commenting on their new song, Rose Avenue say: “Age Old Drink is a driving, eruptive account of someone questioning their partner’s honesty. It stands on a steadfast bedrock of guitar, bass and drums, harkening to the Strokes, the Wombats, Interpol, and Theo Katzman – all while translating the narrator’s story through modern, poetic lyric. Though the song lands just over three minutes, it explores a lot of dynamic and musical territories – there’s never a dull moment.”

Listening beyond the track’s playful melodies, stirring guitar frets and impassioned drum crashes, you might be surprised to discover a litany of trust issues within the lyrics which questions a partner’s honesty. Those emotion-filled, reaching vocals walk the line between desperate hope for things to change but an acceptance that it won’t. Altogether, ‘Age Old Drink’ captures one fateful night in a frenzy of activity, feelings and running thoughts. While we don’t know the future of this mismatched couple, we know that everything has changed for them after this night.

Check out ‘Age Old Drink’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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