‘Wash Rinse Repeat’ is the eerie electro-pop single from Howe

In recent weeks, we’ve been working our way through songs that contemplate the momentous move in the new year. It’s a time that evokes a swirling mixture of emotions from hope to doubt to happiness to sorrow. For Californian singer, songwriter, and bedroom producer Howe, she portrays that sense of feeling stuck in the ‘Wash Rinse Repeat’ cycle of life.

Created alongside fellow Sacramento producer HERO, who also worked on Howe‘s single ‘K I S S I N G’, this newer work takes on a darker tone derived from sleepless nights, anxiety fuelled days and lingering depression. The purposefully slurred pace mirrors that dull drag of time experienced by insomniacs and those suffering with depression.

Below Howe openly reveals her experiences and how they influenced ‘Wash Rinse Repeat’:

“This song is kind of like a love child of my insomnia and anxiety. When you don’t sleep well, time feels different. Everything is harder to process. I reached a point where I was trying to process a big transition, and I got trapped in a fog, where every day felt like the same thing. Just rising to wash, rinse, repeat. That led to depression, and I wanted to capture that all with the slow, lazy feeling of the song that kind of ends in a place that is unlike the rest of the song- because sometimes our minds can take us to wild places. It’s definitely a song to listen to when you want to feel understood, not when you want to jump for joy.”

We love this eerie electro-pop single, especially the pulsating rhythm that keeps this crawling track moving, while the warped samples represent those troubling thoughts. Over the top, Howe‘s narrative connects with anyone who is feeling misunderstood, carving out a space where you can find a friend in this talented creative.

You can also listen to ‘Wash Rinse Repeat’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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