Listen to Greg Bounce’s tender synth-pop track ‘People In Their Houses’

Our journey through strange nostalgia and bittersweet retrospection continue this week with Greg Bounce‘s new single ‘People in their Houses’. It’s a warm and tender production that slowly unravels the hidden inner worlds of our lives in lockdown, which persists for some and for other is already becoming a distant fever dream of a memory.

Like the Lisbon-based Scottish musician simply puts it, “This song is about the past couple of years, where our homes have held all of our highs, lows, nights out, job interviews, funerals – and endless Netflix. Every home is a weird, unknown world.”

As is human nature, Bounce takes inspiration from a curiosity of what lies behind closed doors and how those spaces have changed throughout the pandemic.

Bounce honestly shares again: “Without sounding like a stalker, I’ve always been interested in houses – small, secretive and hidden spaces where we spend our time. We glimpse other people’s lives, but it’s weird that a human who lives metres away leads an entirely distant and unknown life.”

This approach reminds us of Philip Larkin’s poem ‘Ambulances’, himself tempted by the mysterious allure of homes, “Closed like confessionals”. The track conveys this sense of secrecy through half-whispered vocals, which float over reverberated noodling guitars, minimalist drums and luscious Rhodes piano – all courtesy of Brendan Williams. All these elements have been tied together with the gentle touch of producer Samuel Jones.

You can also listen to ‘People in their Houses’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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